Run/Walk Therapy

Take a walk or run on the many NB trails to discover the best version of you. Many studies demonstrate that walking outside increases your self-esteem, confidence, decrease feeling of sadness and creates a euphoric feeling that prolongs after you exercise. Being able to walk and talk helps create feelings of power and productivity.

Tradition Counselling Setting

If walking outside is not the right fit, engage in a therapeutic conversation in my cozy home office.


If meeting face to face is not possible then on line counselling is your best option. You can become the best version of yourself from the comforts of your own home.

My Approach

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) is an approach of psychotherapy that is based on solution building then problem solving. It explores current resources and past hopes then present problems and past causes and typically involves 3-5 sessions.

Walk and Talk Therapy can help with…

Emotional Well-being

Adults and youth deserves the life where they feel happy and secure.  Walk and Talk Therapy helps builds individuals competencies and discover workable solutions to their mental health problems (Kim & Franklin, 2015) Regardless of what problem is, talking about solutions can get your life back on track and discover the very best version of you.


Most people will experience loss at some point in their lives. Experiencing a loss can involve a range of emotions from deep sadness to anger.  The intensity and length of time you may experience these feeling varies dramatically from one person to another. Every individuals has a unique way of coping with loss. Being able to talk about your loss is one step in your healing journey.

Pre Natal Loss

Losing a baby at any point during a pregnancy or having to terminate a pregnancy for whatever reason can be one of the most difficult experiences a parent will endure.  It is emotionally and physically challenging.  Having the opportunity to talk about your journey in a safe place can be an important step in your healing.

Substance Use and Abuse

Many individuals and their families struggle from the effects of substance use and abuse.  My services involves offering a useful short term individual and family treatment intervention that focus on creating solutions to one’s problems.  It is an approach that is used by clinician around the world to treat substance use and abuse (De Shaver, 1985)